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Student Credit Hours, Enrolled Seats, Course Size and Sections

This dashboard includes detailed course information from 2016 - 2020 including Student Credit Hours, Enrolled Seats, Unique Sections, and Average Course Size. These can be broken out by Level, Career, Campus, Delivery Method, College, Department, Subject, Course, and other variables.

SCH Enrolled                SCH Enrolled

Student Credit Hours

Student credit hours by campus, college, department and course.

Student Credit Hours

Average Class Size

Average class size by college and course level.

Class Size

Course Seat Enrollment by Student Major

A detailed summary of course seat enrollment by student major & concentration. Filters include course related attributes as well as student attributes (career, class level, etc).

Course Seat by Major                Course Seat by Major

Grade Summary and Distributions Updated for Fall 2023

Average course GPA and grade distributions calculated per term. Filters include college, department and course details.

GPA Distributions

General Education Course Goal & Theme Mapping

General Education course goals and themes mapped by college, department, course and instructor.

General Education Goals Lock                General Education Goals Public

Co-Enrollment Performance

How students perform when they take two specific courses in the same semester.


Grade Distribution by Course Sequence

Grade distributions by course sequence, comparing grades in a course to grades in the following course.

Course Sequence

      Student Credit Hour Flow      

This dashboard highlights the credit hours generated by student major and course offering across the institution.

SCH Sankey


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