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Enrollment Profiles

A multi-year view of enrollment by college, department and major and includes details by academic and demographic attributes.

Enrollment Profiles                Enrollment Profiles


Majors, Concentrations and Minors

A view of enrolled students by major, major with concentration and minor by college & department. All majors are counted; first major, second major and all concentrations.

Majors and Concentrations                Majors and Concentrations

App State Online

A multi-year view of online & distance education enrollment by campus, location breakout based on cohort type and a detailed view of all new transfer students by transfer institution.

AppState Online                Enrollment Profiles


New First-Year Students

A multi-year view of new first-year student enrollment by college, department and major, including details by academic and demographic attributes, in addition to pre-college academic measures and university outcome measures.

First-Year Students                Enrollment Profiles


New Transfer Students

A multi-year view of new transfer student enrollment by college, department and major, including details by academic and demographic attributes, in addition to transferring academic measures and university outcome measures.

New Transfer Students                Transfer Profile


Persistence and Graduation

Detailed year-by-year persistence and graduation rates for new first-year and new transfers by gender, ethnicity, residency status and entering college.

Persistence and Graduation                Transfer Profile


Undergraduate Persistence and Forward Migration by Entering Area

This dashboard details the persistence (retention and gradation) for entering new undergraduate students. It details the college, department, or program of students in their entry term and shows the number and percent subsequently earning a degree within that respective unit/program, and if not, the academic unit/program in which a student did earn a degree. Please note that this is not a graduation rate by department or program, but only a student's forward migration from their entry program.

Undergraduate Persistence


Undergraduate Cohort Progression

The Cohort Progression Dashboard looks at New First-Year and New Transfer students who started in the fall and spring semesters from fall 2017 to the present to determine their current status.

Undergraduate Cohort Progression

Graduate Student Persistence Overall and by Program

This dashboard details new graduate student persistence (retention and graduation) by their entering term and program (beginning on tab 3). This is a persistence and graduation rate by program and only includes students who persisted and/or graduated in the same program they began.

Graduate Persistence


Undergraduate New Cohort Credit Benchmarks

Tracking entering new undergraduate cohorts reaching credit hour amounts (>=30 after year 1, >=60 after year 2, >=90 after year 3).

Credit Benchmarks


North Carolina Students by County

Enrollment by county for North Carolina students by demograhpics and areas of study.

Students by County


Military Affiliated Enrollment

Military affiliated enrollments by branch of service with state and county of residency.

Military Affiliated


University Housing Profile

A detailed University Housing profile of students residing on-campus during fall 2022. The profile also includes a summary by building, major and commonly enrolled subjects & courses.

Military Affiliated


Undergraduate Enrollment Migration

Undergraduate enrollment migration at the college, department and major level.

Undergraduate Migration



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