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   Space Management
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Printable Weekly Course Schedule by Room

A list of all courses scheduled by room and building. Select the term, building, and room number, then select the 'Room Assignment' tab and download it as a PDF. Select the 'Condensed Room Assignments' tab for more densely scheduled rooms.

Weekly Course Schedule

Class by Building

This dashboard details course locations, meeting patterns, primary instructor, and course names.

Buildings by Partition

Final Exam Schedule - Unplaced and Placed Courses - Spring 2024

This dashboard shows the final exam course schedule placements in 25Live. The first tab shows courses that were not able to be placed in 25Live and will require action by department chairs to place them in 25Live. The second tab shows the courses successfully placed in 25Live.

Final Exam Placement

Space Utilization

Room and seat utilization by day and hour. Filters allow users to drill down to the building, room, and partition.

Space Utilization Room Seat Rate

Potential Double Booked Rooms

A tool that may offer early insight on which rooms are unintentionally double booked.

Double-Booked Rooms

Over Capacity Sections

This dashboard details over capacity sections by meeting pattern and allows filtering to college, department, partition, and other course related details.

Over Capacity Sections

Course Scheduling Compliance and Calendar

This dashboard provides course scheduling compliance data as defined by the UNC System Office and a compliance calendar showing detailed room, day, and time data.

Scheduling Compliance

Section and Student Count Analysis

This dashboard yields the total number of students in the building’s courses by term, day, and hour.

Space Sections

Building by Partition and Room Capacity

This dashboard provides partition assignments and room capacity by building as it exists in 25live. The user may filter by building, partition, or room. Please note only rooms assigned a partition are included in this dashboard.

Buildings by Partition

25Live Organizations by Partition Rank

This dashboard shows academic subject codes (organizations) in 25Live by their partition preference rank. Technology Assisted Scheduling (TAS) utilizes this partition rank to optimize course placements.

Buildings by Partition

25Live Assignment Policies - Locations and Users

This dashboard shows locations in 25Live and their corresponding assignment policies, users and security settings.

25 Live Policies

Banner and 25Live Attributes

This dashboard displays attributes related to locations in both Banner and 25Live. Attributes displayed include room use codes, capacities, and partitions.

Room Use Codes

Room Use Code Definitions

A list of all applicable room use codes by category with definitions, descriptions and limitations.

Room Use Codes

Interactive Floorplans

Still in development, this tool offers an interactive view of building floor plans. Color coding allows for quick identification of both room ownership and use type.

Interactive Floorplans

DAVE Facilities Inventory System

A dashboard built using UNC System Office facilities database data. Contains building list, building detail and building composition information.

Course Seat Projections


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